Truro Plaza Comp 2011

The 2011 Truro Plaza Comp was sponsored by DC who donated loads of prizes for the 32 skaters varying from 3 different age groups.
The event had been called off twice due to bad weather, but on the 1st of October the sun was out and temperatures got up to 30 degrees.

In the Under 14 age group, Joe Bersey kickflipped the 10 stair and took second place whilst Jago Kinnersley took 1st for some good technical skating. The other three finalist also showed some good technical skating with Jago Sheldon hardflipping the drop with Aven Belasco fakie varial heelflipping it, whilst 10 year old Zak Roberston stepped up to the challenge of the same drop with a clean fakie bigspin.
The 14-15s showed some very strong skating and like the Under 14s was very hard to judge. Otis Blease took 1st place with perfect nollie flips and half cab heels, and Wilson Dean finished a close second with some very good thrown together lines. Jack Cowls finished 5th but was unlucky not to land the nollie fs 360 shuv off the loading bay drop, which would of definitely boosted his position higher if it was landed. Jack Kelley finished 3rd by being the second person of the day to kickflip the 10 stair, but had to go to hospital and couldn’t collect his prize. Ben Capper finished 4th with a nollie lazer flip out of the trench.
The 16 plus age group was another close encounter to judge with some hammers being laid down. Sam Vosper kickflipped the 10 stair first go and got robbed with a nollie flip, snapping his board and having him to finish the final early which ended him with 5th place. Gary Goggins finished 4th with some good tricks on the T-Block, whilst Max Hawke all the way from Newquay threw together some good lines and 360 flipped the 10 stair, which should of landed him a higher position than 3rd. Although, Dan Evans was pop shuv-ing the street gap and the ‘Big 5′, backed up with perfect nollie crooks on the T-Block and fs nosegrinds into the generation bank, which landed him 2nd. Which left Isaac Blease skating all areas of the park, even the mini ramp, and showing good technical ability on block, with two heelflips over two different street gaps, to finish up 1st. But was robbed on the NBD of a fakie heelflip down the ‘Big 5′.

Scroll all the way to the bottom for video footage.


Under 14s:
5th – Zak Robertson
4th – Jago Sheldon- Wallis
3rd – Aven Belasco
2nd – Joe Bersey
1st – Jago Kinnersley

5th – Jack Cowls
4th – Ben Capper
3rd – Jack Kelley
2nd – Wilson Dean
1st – Otis Blease

5th – Sam Vosper
4th – Gary Goggins
3rd – Max Hawke
2nd – Dan Evans
1st – Isaac Blease

Jack Cowls – nollie fs 360 shuv – 14-15s 5th place.

Ben Capper – 360flip – 14-15s 4th place.

Wilson Dean start’s off a line ending in a switch 180 with this backside 180 to start – 14-15s 2nd place.

Otis Blease – half cab heel – 14-15s 1st place.

Sam Vosper – kickflip – 16+ 5th place.

Gary Goggins – bs blunt – 16+ 4th place.

Max Hawke gives the 6 stair a switch heelflip after a fs nollie off the drop – 16+ 3rd place.

Dan Evans – nollie crook – 16+ 2nd place.

Isaac Blease – backside smith – 16+ 1st place.

Photos: Ben Poulton

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